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What to Know About Mail-Order Aligners

November 30, 2021 5:50 am

Can you get straighter teeth without metal braces? Many people can! Clear aligners are a great dental technology because they’re removable and extremely comfortable. You can get aligners through an orthodontist like Laredo Orthodontics. But you may have seen ads about getting aligners through a mail-order company. Here’s what you should know about mail-order aligners:

Treatment May Seem More Convenient & Affordable Up Front

Mail-order aligners claim to have some advantages over aligners you get through an orthodontist. First, they are inexpensive. Second, appointments with an orthodontist aren’t usually required because you make an impression of your teeth with an at-home kit and send it off to the company. The finished aligners show up in the mail. Although this may seem cheaper and less time-consuming, you may end up spending more money and time later correcting issues the mail-order aligners don’t fix.

You Aren’t Regularly Assessed By a Professional

With mail-order aligners, your treatment is limited because an orthodontist is not immediately on hand. But clear aligner therapy is more complicated than simply fitting your teeth with plastic trays. At an in-person orthodontic visit, your orthodontist will carefully consider your oral health and specific alignment issues when developing a treatment plan. They use technology like X-rays, which a mail-order aligner company won’t do. Then throughout your treatment, your orthodontist will evaluate how your teeth are moving and what could be improved.

Mail-Order Treatment Plans Aren’t Carefully Customized

Mail-order aligners use impressions of your teeth, but the treatment plan is still not as customized as it would be with an orthodontist. Your teeth can shift in unexpected ways, and without regular check-ins with a professional, your therapy plan won’t be adjusted. You would be responsible for noticing any problems, which is not something an orthodontist would expect of you.

Clear Aligners in Laredo, TX

At our office, we use Invisalign®, which is one of the most popular clear aligner brands. Unlike mail-order aligners, each treatment plan is customized to the patient’s needs. Treatment costs more than mail-order aligners, but qualified professionals committed to extraordinary results monitor the whole process. If you have questions about aligner therapy or want to schedule a free orthodontic consultation, please contact us today!

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