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Should My Child Get Topical Fluoride Treatments?

January 28, 2022 3:08 am

Preventive dental care isn’t just about regular brushing and flossing. Fluoride, a natural mineral, plays an valuable role in preventing tooth decay.

While fluoride is often found in toothpaste and is even added to some communities’ tap water, there’s another way you can give your child’s smile added protection: topical fluoride treatments at the dentist. Below, we’ll explain why you should consider this noninvasive, quick, and simple treatment for your child’s developing smile.

Does Fluoride Help Teeth?

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps protect teeth against decay and cavities. It is absorbed into the crystalline mineral structure of a tooth’s protective outer surface, called the enamel. The absorption of fluoride remineralizes and hardens the enamel, fortifying it against damaging acids produced by bad bacteria in the mouth.

Apart from brushing their teeth with fluoridated toothpaste and drinking fluoridated water, topical fluoride treatments are a quick and pain-free way your child can protect their teeth from decay. During a fluoride treatment, your child’s dentist will apply a fluoride gel to their teeth. The varnish instantly dries and allows the fluoride to deposit into the enamel.

How to Care for Baby Teeth

It might seem silly to put so much effort into maintaining healthy baby teeth since we know they’ll eventually fall out anyway. But baby teeth are vital for the development of your child’s smile. They’re the very first teeth that help your child learn to eat and talk. They also hold space in their mouth so that their adult teeth can properly grow in.

Like adult teeth, baby teeth are susceptible to decay. This can cause them to fall out prematurely. Baby teeth that fall out too early can negatively affect your child’s speech and nutrition. Early gaps in your child’s smile may also inhibit proper jaw alignment and development, as well as cause adult teeth to grow crookedly.

Child-Friendly Orthodontics in Laredo, TX

Once your child’s adult teeth grow in, you may want to consider orthodontic treatment to enhance the look and overall function of their smile. At Laredo Orthodontics, we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments to suit all smiles and budgets. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our team!

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