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5 Reasons to Go to the Dentist During COVID

October 31, 2021 12:13 pm

We understand how difficult it can be to share your personal space with others outside of your household during this uncertain time. However, it’s still as important as ever to get to the dentist every six months for a routine cleaning and exam. Read on to learn why you should still visit your dentist during COVID!

  1. Oral Health Affects Your Immune System
  2. During this ongoing pandemic, you want to be as healthy as possible, which means keeping your immune system strong. You can’t do that without great oral health. Allowing your mouth to breed bacteria and even infection makes it harder for your immune system to fight other issues that may come up throughout the body.

  3. It’s CDC-Approved
  4. At this point in the pandemic, there has been enough time to study many scenarios where we are, and aren’t, likely to get COVID. According to the CDC, there have been no cases found to have originated at the dentist.

  5. Early Detection Is Key
  6. One of the negative effects of this pandemic is that many people are missing key screenings for cancer. Early detection is critical when it comes to treating oral cancer! You are always screened for signs at each routine dental visit. These include abnormal changes in the mouth, like sores that won’t heal, roughened patches, and red or white discolorations.

  7. Prevention of Dental Disease
  8. Routine cleanings allow your dental team to scrape away any plaque and tartar that have accumulated along your teeth and under your gums. Regularly removing this buildup will reduce your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. During your routine checkup, your hygienist can apply a fluoride treatment, which aids in remineralizing your teeth.

COVID Protocols at Laredo Orthodontics

Here at Laredo Orthodontics, we’re taking every precaution possible to make sure our patients feel safe and at ease when they visit us for their orthodontic treatment. If you have questions about our COVID protocols or our orthodontic options, please contact us today!

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