Orthodontic Consultations
in Laredo, TX

Have you always wished your smile was straighter? Is your teen beginning to ask about braces or clear aligners?

Our team at Laredo Orthodontics offers complimentary orthodontic consultations for patients who are interested in orthodontic treatment to help them get started on their journey toward straighter teeth. To learn more or schedule a consultation with our office, please contact us!

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What happens during an orthodontic consultation?

Consultations are your time to sit down with our team to learn more about orthodontic treatment as it relates to you and your unique smile. We will review everything from your budget to your lifestyle to how long we believe you will need to undergo treatment to achieve beautifully straight teeth. These appointments are your time to bring up any questions or concerns that you want clarified and addressed, so please feel free to bring a list with you! If you decide to pursue treatment, we can begin putting things in motion that very day.

What will happen after my consultation?

So you’ve decided that you want to get braces or clear aligners—awesome! The next step in the process involves creating your custom treatment plan. We will take impressions of your teeth using an iTero® scanner, which is a handheld device that will be gently run over the top, sides, and bottom of your teeth. The scanner will capture thousands of high quality images that will be used in the development of your braces, clear aligners, and treatment plan. The next visit will involve applying braces to your teeth or trying on your brand new clear aligners.

Will my orthodontic consultation really be free?

The short answer is yes! Our team is glad to meet with patients or potential new patients to discuss their smile goals and determine what our team can do to help them achieve their goals as quickly and effectively as possible. We pride ourselves on offering flexible, budget-friendly orthodontic care for our valued patients, and we are happy to offer complimentary consultations to help patients whether they are on the fence about orthodontic treatment or determined to achieve a straighter smile.

Ready to schedule a consultation for yourself or your child? We’re ready to see you! Give our office a call or send us a message today, and we can find a convenient time for you to come visit us.

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