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A retainer is an orthodontic appliance worn after orthodontic treatment to help maintain your new smile.

While it’s the last step in your orthodontic treatment, it’s the most important step to enjoying your newly straight smile. Our office offers custom permanent and removable retainers if you’re about to transition into wearing a retainer or need a replacement. Contact our office to set up a consultation with our team or to learn more!

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How long should I wear my retainer?

After your braces or clear aligners are removed, our team will take impressions of your teeth to create a custom retainer for your smile. Drs. Font and Zambrano will evaluate your treatment plan and results to determine when and how long you must wear the retainer. Typically, patients with removable retainers wear them full time for the first few years and progress to wearing them only at night.

Can I eat with a retainer on?

Wearing a retainer comes with new territory. Permanent retainers cannot be removed without the help of an orthodontist but should thoroughly be cleaned after you eat. On the other hand, removable retainers should be removed when eating and drinking. Removing your retainer before eating and drinking can help avoid plaque build-up and damage to the retainer.

How long does a retainer last?

If you wear your removable retainer as prescribed and properly care for it, removable retainers can last up to two years or longer. Permanent retainers last indefinitely or until the bonding agent wears out. Remember, wearing your retainer will help you keep your newly straight smile. If you notice your removable retainers chipping, becoming discolored, or not fitting correctly, or your permanent retainer has lost its bond, our team at Laredo Orthodontics would be happy to create you a custom replacement retainer!

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